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Licking Township Sewage Sludge Ordinance

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Township Of Licking   
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This ordinance from Licking Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania requires that each ton of sewage sludge intended for land application be tested to prove that the levels of pollutants, pathogens, and vector attractants that are listed in the Pennsylvania Municipal Waste Regulations have not been exceeded. The township is concerned regarding potential harmful effects to its residents and local environment. A tipping fee is levied to pay for the collection and testing of truckload samples. This ordinance also requires that any type of sludge applied that includes a state-mandated site access and land use restriction be recorded as a deed restriction at the county recorder’s office. Since land use restrictions due to sewage sludge application can last multiple years, the township was concerned that this important information could be lost if the property was sold during the restricted time period.