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Skagway Comprehensive Plan 2030

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Skagway, Alaska has included multiple affordable housing goals in its 2030 Comprehensive Plan. A town of just over 1,000, Skagway is encouraging residential development to accommodate anticipated population growth. The town owns 8,850 acres of land in its borders and has created a residential land disposal program to sell publicly owned land for residential development. Target residential development categories include senior housing, affordable housing, housing for full time workers and residents, and housing for those earning 120% AMI or less. The town is also creating a Zoning Overlay District to promote residential density. This District is a “transition area” to address the planned transition from low density to high density residential. Included in the overly zone will be a combination of Cottage Housing, PUD, and more to encourage affordable housing development. The area is intended to provide the space needed for Skagway to create 150 to 200 units to accommodate Skagway’s seasonal and residential growth by 2030.