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Promoting Bicycling through Improved Infrastructure

City Of Omaha   
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Omaha, Nevada’s Master Plan includes a Transportation Element which outlines a future bicycle network through Omaha. The purpose of the network is to provide a bicycle facility (bike-oriented path) to all mixed-use centers in Omaha. The facilities were chosen based on traffic volume of the proposed route, distance between centers, and topography of the area. These facilities allow for safe passage and recreational activity.

Bicycle facilities have three classifications: trails, paths, and routes. Bicycle trails give people a facility exclusive to bicycles, constructed of an all-weather surface at 8-10 feet wide. Bicycle paths are facilities located next to minor and major roads on only one side of the road and must be 10-feet wide. Bicycle routes are streets which allow bicycles but does not include a separate facility for bicycles.

As more facilities are built, paths and trails will begin to replace existing routes. Facilities adjacent to roads will be constructed as roads are being improved. While roads are being improved and paths constructed, temporary 4-foot wide sidewalks will be provided on both sides of the corridor.