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City of Santa Fe Terrain and Stormwater Management Ordinance

New Mexico
City Of Santa Fe   
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The Santa Fe Terrain and Stormwater Management Ordinance is designed to help capture stormwater and increase its infiltration in order to reduce substantial erosion hazards due to uncontrolled runoff, and to conserve and capture water resources. There are exemptions for development meeting such standards as less than 1000 SF of land disturbance and on slopes less than 10%. The ordinance provides for minimum grading standards, soil engineering reports if over 1,000 cubic yards of earth is moved, and the use of BMPs during construction. There are standards for minor development which call for a minimum volume of water to be contained or infiltrated on site based on impervious surface, and revegetation plans to prevent erosion. Standards for major development include measures to maintain the capacity of soil to infiltrate stormwater and include: maximum slope requirements for building; peak stormwater flow that does not exceed pre-development for certain storm events; and prohibition of stormwater discharge or disturbance of existing irrigation ditches, acequias, etc. Master Plans and some other development plans have minimum requirements that include designating land that is below the base flood elevation for a 100-year, 24-hour storm as open space, drainage easement, and public right of way. Final development plans and subdivision plats requirements include providing a long-term maintenance schedule for the life of stormwater management measures.