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Town of Duck Rebuilding & Reconstruction; Damaging Storms Ordinance

Town Of Duck   
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The Town of Duck, on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, is a coastal community that has adapted local regulations implementing the State’s Coastal Areas Management Act of 1974. The Act encourages cooperative land use planning between the state and local governments and is the State’s policy that “adequate plans for post-disaster reconstruction should be prepared by and coordinated between all levels of government prior to the advent of a disaster.” The town of Duck created a short-term building moratorium to allow the community time to assess damage and consider mitigation measures. The Chapter 152 on Rebuilding and Reconstruction sets out procedures for assessing damage, declaring a building moratorium, and defining types of moratoriums that may be declared in the aftermath of a damaging storm. The ordinance is intended to ensure that rebuilding occurs “in an orderly manner,” and with the opportunity to identify “appropriate areas for post-storm change and innovation.”