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Better Housing By Design

City Of Portland   
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Portland, Oregon created a report titled “Better Housing By Design” to create plans to promote affordable and diverse housing. The report is a compilation of Portland’s recent zoning code amendments. Portland implemented code changes to address housing affordability and diversity, expand outdoor spaces and green design, building design and scale requirements, and more. Housing affordability and density changes were implemented in multi-family residential zones outside of the city core in order to expand options, diversity, and walkability. The amendments are focused on human health and well-being and are focused on East Portland’s multi-family housing, which is estimated to constitute 22% of the city’s growth in the next 20 years. These changes were created through community engagement especially focused on the area’s high population of people of color, low income, and immigrant groups. The code now offers a more specific approach depending on housing type and zone and provides an incentive program for affordable housing and green.