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Parking Lots, Where Motorists Become Pedestrians

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Urban | Suburban | Rural
In Parking Lots, Where Motorists Become Pedestrians John A. Stark aims to address physical design components of parking lots in terms of safety, environmental protection, and a shared experience between cars and pedestrians. The interactions between pedestrians and cars are often considered in terms of separating the two modes of traffic or how to make street intersections between the two safer. However, in a parking lot people drive in the middle of a pedestrian path when searching for a space and conversely, pedestrians are often forced to walk down the middle of a traffic lane and share space with vehicles making pedestrian and vehicle interaction in parking lots an important safety concern. This paper also addresses issues beyond pedestrian safety that make a parking lot successful, such as environmental consciousness, such as using permeable surfaces to mitigate environmental concerns, model zoning and design standards, as well as case studies to be considered in future parking lot improvements.