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Energize NY

New York
Town Of Yorktown   
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It is the policy of both the Town of Yorktown and the State of New York to achieve better energy efficiency and renewable energy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate the effect of global climate change, and advance a clean energy economy. Yorktown has partnered with the Energy Improvement Corporation, a local development corporation, to make funds available to qualified property owners who meet the energy efficiency qualifications.

Potentially qualified residents can apply for funding through the EIC, who run energy audits to the determine the cost-effectiveness and energy improvements of a household. Energy improvements include any renovation or retrofitting of a building to reduce energy consumption, such as window and door replacement, lighting, caulking, weather stripping, air sealing, insulation, and heating and cooling system upgrades, and similar improvements, determined to be cost effective pursuant to criteria established by the Authority, not including lighting measures or household appliances that are not permanently fixed to real property. Funding does not exceed the lesser of 10% of the home’s total value or the full cost of installation and materials of the energy equipment.