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Traffic Safety Policy

City Of San Diego   
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The goal of San Diego, California’s “Mobility Element” plan is to develop a multi-modal transportation network that gets citizens where they want to go while minimizing environmental and neighborhood impacts. Among the goals of this policy, San Diego aimed to increase general traffic safety of pedestrians.

The city collaborated with community groups and interested private and public parties to design and implement safe pedestrian routes to schools, transit centers, and other highly frequented destinations. After locating these priority areas, improvements included wider and non-contiguous sidewalks, more visible pedestrian crossings, more traffic enforcement, traffic calming measures on the road, better pedestrian lighting, pedestrian trails, and education for children on traffic and bicycle safety.

A series of programs were implemented to accomplish these measures. The “Walking School Bus” promotes an adult share where parents share the responsibility of escorting children to and from school. The Implement Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a program meant to reduce the threat and incidence of crime by strategically planning pedestrian routes. Finally, new school district development is designed around affected and underprivileged communities in order to facilitate better pedestrian access.