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Penn Future's Solar Installation Guidebook

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Penn Future’s Western PA Solar Installation Guidebook provides information on how to handle zoning and permitting solar energy in one’s municipality. Section B contains a model zoning ordinance. The ordinance defines a “building-mounted system” as one “attached to any part or type of roof on a building or structure that has an occupancy permit . . . and that is either the principal structure or an accessory structure . . . .” The ordinance defines a “ground-mounted system” as one “mounted on a structure, pole or series of poles constructed specifically to support the photovoltaic system and not attached to any other structure” and defines a “building-integrated system,” in part, as one “constructed as an integral part of a principal or accessory building or structure and where the building-integrated system features maintain a uniform profile or surface of vertical walls, window openings, and roofing.” Section C is an overview of the permitting process, including permitting fees.