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State of Illinois Local Boards & Practices – County Ordinance

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Primary county zoning authority is vested in the “county board” or “board of county commissioners;” however, corporate county authorities must appoint, confirm, and provide for a “zoning commission” to exercise powers delegated under general zoning enabling authority. Such commissions (a) provide public notice, (b) conduct public hearings, (c) prepare tentative reports, and (d) draft and revise proposed ordinances. County authorities may appoint a “board of appeals” pursuant to county population standards to hear all appropriate actions as specified by ordinance. Alternatively, county authorities may appoint a “hearing officer” to conduct any public hearing, except where such hearing is to be overseen by a zoning commission, and review and decide any proceeding otherwise delegated to a board of appeals. Additionally, pursuant to 55 ILL. COMP. STAT. 5/5-14001 (2004), county authorities may also create “planning commissions” to draft comprehensive plans.. See 55 ILL. COMP. STAT. 5/5-12007 and 5-12009 to 5-12019 (2004).