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Town of Saugerties Waterfront Overlay District

New York
Town Of Saugerties   
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The Town of Saugerties adopted the Waterfront Overlay District (WOD) to protect and enhance the shoreline by protecting water quality and preventing erosion along the Hudson River, Esopus Creek, and Plattekill Creek. All development in the WOD District will be reviewed on a case by case via the site plan review process to ensure appropriate layout and design of all properties. The WOD is superimposed over the basic zoning districts, therefore regulations from the underlying district and the WOD apply in those areas. Properties or portions of properties located within 1,000 feet of the Hudson River’s mean high water mark are subject to WOD regulations. Additionally, properties or portions of properties abutting or extending 300 feet inland from the mean high water mark of either the Esopus Creek or Plattekill Creek are within the WOD. All uses in the WOD, except for water-dependent uses, such as docks and boathouses, shall have a minimum 50 foot setback from the mean high water mark. The portion of the Esopus Creek in Saugerties is classified by the NY DEC as a Class B Protected Stream, meaning its best usages are primary and secondary contact recreation, such as swimming and fishing. The Plattekill Creek has three different classifications, Class B, Class B (ts), and Class A (ts). (“ts” designates a trout stream/spawning area.) A Class A (ts) stream may be a source of water supply for drinking or used for culinary or food processing purposes. If additional measures are taken, this classification may be deemed to have acceptable drinking standards. Some general standards in the WOD include no clear-cutting of trees, no destruction or modification of the natural, scenic, topographic, or physical features of the site, and the structure height shall not disrupt the existing topography. It is required that each property have a shoreline buffer of at least 15 feet from the mean high water mark. An exception may be made to allow access to beaches. Properties on steep slopes (areas of greater than 15% grade) have stricter guidelines in the WOD.