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King County Ordinance 16948 and the Determinants of Equity

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Ordinance 16948 is King County’s Equity and Social Justice ordinance. It supplies definitions related to equity and equitable development. It calls for the development of analytical tools to identify equitable policies. Overall, the ordinance tries to integrate equity principles in all systems of its governance. This ordinance also identifies 14 “determinants of equity.” These determinants were the basis of a separate report called “The Determinants of Equity Report.”

This report is part of an initial effort at determining if the county is advancing toward a just and equitable community. This report uses 13 determinants of equity and 67 community level indicators to create a baseline of conditions in the county. In the future, a dashboard of these indicators should be created to analyze trends over time. The thirteen categories are as such: Early Childhood Development, Education, Jobs and Job Training, Health and Human Services, Food Systems, Parks and Natural Resources, Built and Natural Environment, Transportation, Community Economic Development, Neighborhoods, Housing, Community and Public Safety, Law and Justice.