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Recreation Complexes for Families

N/A Oneida Nation   
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The Oneida Nation in Wisconsin created a Comprehensive Plan which outlines reservation-wide objectives to be met between 2005 and 2025. The “Parks and Recreation” chapter outlines three goals: provide the people of the Oneida Nation with a state of the art family fitness, adventure and recreation complex in Oneida; develop an interconnected reservation-wide trail system; and develop a “central Park” in central Oneida where families can come together to participate in healthy activities.

In building a recreation complex within Oneida, the community aims to provide holistic health and character development. To effectuate this goal, the complex will include a series of athletic fields and sports facilities, and programs that will allow community elders to participate in recreational activities in a safe, inviting atmosphere.

The reservation-wide trail system is being developed to accommodate for fitness, nature hikes, horseback riding, bicycle riding, and motorized vehicle use. The Oneida Nation wants to identify and develop trails for each of these particular activities.

Finally, the centralized park in Oneida Nation is designed to invite families to come together and participate in safe and healthy activities. The Comprehensive Plan states that their priority is to keep the park clean, well-managed, and safe (through the supervision of law enforcement).