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Township of Fairfield 2010 Build-Out Analysis

Build-Out Analysis   
New Jersey
Township Of Fairfield   
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The 2010 Build-Out Analysis by Fairfield Township in Cumberland County, New Jersey examined the amount of development authorized by its zoning code. The final document was endorsed by the Fairfield Township Environmental Commission, and adopted by the Fairfield Township Land Use Board as an Amendment to the Master Plan. The methodology used by the Township in the Build-Out Analysis is set forth as well as the zoning standards and acreage for each district type. The document utilizes lists, charts, and maps to illustrate the data collected for the Analysis and the observations and recommendations based on the findings. Furthermore, the document contains a list and several maps illustrating developments that are approved but not yet constructed. The 2010 Build-Out Analysis is a comprehensive and detailed example of what this Analysis should accomplish.