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City of Greensboro Repairing Buildings for Human Inhabitation Ordinance

City Of Greensboro   
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The North Carolina Legislature enacted a statute for the City of Greensboro allowing the local legislature to assign a public officer authority to serve complaints upon the owner/party in interest of homes that do not meet the minimum standards of their housing code. Before issuing a complaint, the public officer must be notified by at least five residents of the breach of the housing code. The complaint shall notify that owner/party in interest that they have 10-30 days to schedule a public meeting, and that they have the right to file an answer and/or appear in at the meeting.

After the public meeting, the public officer shall determine whether the dwelling is unfit for human habitation. Upon this determination, the officer may issue an order, requiring repair by the owner/party in interest. The order shall include a written statement of facts containing his findings. If repair is impossible, then the officer, by authority granted by a local ordinance, may require demolition of the dwelling.