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Parking Code Guidance: Case Studies and Model Provisions

City Of San Francisco   
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The Parking Code Guidance: Case Studies and Model Provisions paper was written as a part of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Smart Growth Technical Assistance: Parking Reform Campaign. Its goal is to provide guidance on identifying key issues, reforming parking standards, and on how to regulate and manage parking in a way that supports development in urban infill areas, encourages balanced multimodal access, and reduces vehicle traffic. The guidance provided is based on best practices for access and parking regulations in the Bay Area in California and elsewhere.

The paper contains an overview of issues related to parking minimums, shared parking and pricing, a 10-point program for addressing parking reform, and an overview of key parking policies and model code provisions a municipality can adapt and implement. Additionally, the appendices of the document contain a review of regulatory provisions that have reduced or eliminated parking requirements and case studies of their success.