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Town of Brookhaven Central Pine Barrens District

New York
Town Of Brookhaven   
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The Town of Brookhaven, New York, uses its zoning code to prevent floods, protect floodplains and other sensitive environmental areas. The zoning contains the Pine Barrens Credit Program, a transfer of development rights program, to maintain the value in lands designated for preservation and protection. Additionally, the program allows environmentally sensitive development to occur in an efficient and orderly fashion, which protects the quality and quantity of waters and the integrity of the Suffolk County Central Pine Barrens ecosystem(s). The Zoning defines the zones and the usages permitted in those zones. Under the program, the Core Preservation Area is the sending zone; receiving zones, where development credits may be redeemed for an increase in intensity or density of development, also have requirements and exceptions. A parcel or premises is ineligible to be a receiving district if the parcel is located within certain areas or the area of the parcel to be developed is located within certain areas including, but not limited to: within five hundred feet of any streams, bluffs, surface waters or wetlands regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation or the Town of Brookhaven; within a one-hundred-year floodplain; within a New York State wild, scenic, and recreation river corridor; or within other designated or protected areas.