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New York State General City Law: Chapter 21; Article 3 Official Maps and Planning Boards; § 28-a. City Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Planning   
New York
City Of New York   
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This law authorizes city governments in New York to develop comprehensive plans and to regulate land use for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety and general welfare of their citizens. The law identifies several items which these comprehensive plans should include: (a) General statements of goals, objectives, principles, policies, and standards upon which proposals for the immediate and long-range enhancement, growth and development of the city are based, (b) Consideration of regional needs and the official plans of other government units and agencies within the region, (c) The existing and proposed location and intensity of land uses, (d) Consideration of agricultural uses, historic and cultural resources, coastal and natural resources and sensitive environmental areas, (e) Consideration of population, demographic and socio-economic trends and future projections, (f) The location and types of transportation facilities, (g) Existing and proposed general location of public and private utilities and infrastructure, (h) Existing housing resources and future housing needs, including affordable housing, (i) The present and future general location of educational and cultural facilities, historic sites, health facilities and facilities for emergency services, (j) Existing and proposed recreation facilities and parkland, (k) The present and potential future general location of commercial and industrial facilities, (l) Specific policies and strategies for improving the local economy in coordination with other plan topics, (m) Proposed measures, programs, devices, and instruments to implement the goals and objectives of the various topics within the comprehensive plan, (n) All or part of the plan of another public agency, and (o) Any and all other items which are consistent with the orderly growth and development of the city.