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Village of Mamaroneck TOD Zoning Study

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The Village of Mamaroneck was awarded a grant from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign (TSTC) and the One Region Funders’ Group to conduct a community-based Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning study that would result in a draft zoning ordinance for the area near the Mamaroneck Metro-North Railroad Station.

Mamaroneck has access to public transit, through the Westchester County Bee-Line Bus and Metro North, as well as major transportation corridors including I-95 (New England Thruway), the Hutchinson River Parkway and U.S. Route 1 (Boston Post Road). The Mamaroneck Train Station was chosen for the study area because, averaging more than 2,500 daily trips, it one of the busiest stations on the New York section of the New Haven Line. The Station has also completed a successful adaptive reuse to restaurant and office use.

A set of draft TOD zoning regulations which sought to remove barriers to TOD were formulated from the findings of the study. The general approach used for the draft zoning regulations were adjusting zoning boundaries to eliminate multi-districts and non-conforming uses, revising area and bulk regulations in the Village’s RM-3 zone, and to create a TOD overlay zone to promote development along Mamaroneck Avenue.