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Town of Brighton Subdivision Regulations Ordinance

New York
Town Of Brighton   
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The town of Brighton, New York, requires developers to create and submit a separate drainage report in the preliminary plat when applying for subdivision approval. The drainage report includes calculations for runoff and pipe and channel sizing, will clearly indicate the disposal and flood hazard preventions and how all runoff will be handled during grading and development operations, and erosion and sedimentation prevention measures. Further, the stormwater mitigation facilities shall be as specified in the Town of Brighton Minimum Specifications for Dedication and elsewhere in the chapter, and conform to the requirements of the Irondequoit Watershed Collaborative whenever possible and in lieu of employing other methods. The Code also clarifies that any type of development within a special flood hazard area must have a development permit. Finally, the subdivision plat shall include a subdivision drainage plan. The subdivision drainage plan contains: information on proposed stormwater drainage facilities, design data and computations used, a subdivision grading plan, when the subdivision is within or adjacent to a special flood hazard area it must have a detailed analysis with respect to floodplain management and land use, any requirements concerning drainage in the town’s Comprehensive Development Regulations, the location of all buildings proposed, the number of each lot, the location and means of erosion control, slope stabilization plans, and stormwater detention basins.