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Town of Brookhaven Wetlands & Waterways Ordinance

New York
Town Of Brookhaven   
| Suburban | Rural
The purpose of Chapter 81 of the Town Code, for the Town of Brookhaven is to protect surface waters, lands underwater and wetlands since they are important natural resources to the town. This statute applies to all lands defined as wetlands or waterways, to any activity in an adjacent area of a wetland or waterway, or to any activity that has the potential to adversely impact wetlands or waterways. No person shall conduct any regulated activity within such lands without obtaining permission from the town. Regulated activity includes dredging, dumping, pollution discharge, and construction. Exceptions are made for such activities as fishing and hunting, certain activities of the department of health, maintenance of existing facilities of the highway department and the public works department, and general maintenance activities, such as lawn maintenance that meets certain criteria. This statute describes the application process for permits; it sets standards for the construction of residential and commercial docks; and, the statute provides for civil and criminal penalties.