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Planning for Active Transportation - Bicycles and Pedestrians

New York
City Of Buffalo   
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A particular element of Buffalo, New York’s Comprehensive Plan 2030 is to redesign and repurpose their transportation network. Their goal is to promote transportation policies and projects that will help create an economically and environmentally healthy region, reverse current negative economic, land use, social and demographic trends, foster growth in areas with existing infrastructure, and promote equitable services for all residents.

In the first four years of the program, there are over 40 projects aimed at upgrading existing infrastructure. These include actions for congestion relief and mobility improvements, transit improvements, access improvements to support economic development, signalization upgrades, safety improvements, and measures to improve the quality of life through beautification and landscaping, .

After existing infrastructure upgrades, their resources will be devoted to intra-modal or multi-modal transportation networks. Increasing city access and convenience through pedestrian and bicycle pathways has the advantage of improving the local economy, mitigating traffic congestion, limiting environmental impact, and improving public health. They’re focusing their multi-modal transportation along and between key traffic routes and main street corridors.