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Township of Warren Transportation Improvement District (T.I.D.)
Date Added: Monday, November 14, 2016
Impact Fees, Transportation & Land Use Planning    
New Jersey
This ordinance was created to ensure that necessary infrastructure could be maintained and additional infrastructure could be created to accommodate new development. Under the Transportation Improvement District (TID) Impact Fees system, if there is any new development that takes place within the Transportation Improvement Districts, developers must pay a fee calculated by determining the impact that the proposed development will have on traffic multiplied by district improvement costs needed. .. Read More
City of Fayetteville Imposition of Development Impact Fees Ordinance
Date Added: Saturday, August 27, 2016
Impact Fees    
New York
Fayetteville has an impact fee statute which requires a developer to pay for engaging in development. This payment of this fee is designed to rebuild infrastructure or otherwise protect the environment in proportion to the developments impact on the community in relation to the impact the activity has on the environment. The ordinance has multiple exceptions for development which does not increase the housing units on a parcel... Read More