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Local Food Supply: A Chapter of the Marquette County Comprehensive Plan
Date Added: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Comprehensive Planning, Local Food Production, Healthy Communities, Zoning, Urban Farming & Community Gardens    
The County of Marquette added a chapter to its Comprehensive Plan entitled Local Food Supply as a way to expand the local economy through increased local food production and to enhance the health of residents through better access to affordable, healthy foods. Some of the policies enacted via this Local Food Supply Plan include amending the zoning code to allow for small scale agricultural uses in residential zones, establishing community gardens, developing educational opportunities to teach the importance of local food production, supporting .. Read More
Seattle Food Action Plan
Date Added: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Land Use Planning, Local Food Production, Healthy Communities, Urban Farming & Community Gardens    
The city adopted the “Seattle Food Action Plan” in 2013, created by the Office of Sustainability and Environment, that lays out specific strategies to get more healthy food to more Seattle residents. This plan is aimed at expanding opportunities for people to grow and procure healthy food in the city, enhancing the regional economy, and reducing food-related waste. The Food Action Plan involves many departments of the city, including the Human Services Department, responsible for developing community gardens to provide meal programs for childre.. Read More