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County of Howard, Maryland - Use of Solar Panels and Other Solar Devices in Historic Districts Guidelines
Date Added: Monday, June 11, 2018
Historic District Preservation, Solar Energy, Zoning    
Howard County, Maryland offers guidelines for installing solar energy systems in historic districts. For example, one recommendation is to install solar panels on roof surface so it is not visible from a public way. The guidelines also include practices one should avoid, like removing historic roofing materials in order to add solar panels... Read More
Town of North Castle, New York Code § 258-4. Permitting
Date Added: Thursday, June 7, 2018
Historic District Preservation, Solar Energy, Zoning    
New York
Chapter 258 of the Town of North Castle, New York Code is titled Solar Infrastructure Siting. § 258-4(N) allows historic district preservation plans to incorporate solar technologies, if a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued by the Town’s Landmark Preservation committee... Read More
City of Portland, Oregon Code, Title 33.218- Community Design Standards
Date Added: Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Historic District Preservation, Solar Energy, Zoning    
Within their Community Design Standards, Portland, Oregon eliminated discretionary review of solar energy systems that adhere to community design standards, thereby making it easier for solar panels to be installed in historic districts... Read More
State of North Carolina Historic District Preservation Ordinances
Date Added: Sunday, May 7, 2017
Historic District Preservation, State Land Use Law    
North Carolina
Under the enabling statutes found within Chapter 160A, Article 19, at Part 3C, both cities and counties (“municipalities”) have the authority to establish historic districts and designate landmarks as part of a zoning or other ordinance. § 160A-400.2, § 160A-400.4. “Such ordinances may treat historic districts as either a separate use district classification or as districts which overlay other zoning districts.” § 160A-400.4. Before a municipality can establish a historic district, it must appoint a historic preservation commission. § 160A-400... Read More
State of Illinois Historic District & Landmark Preservation – Municipal Ordinance
Date Added: Friday, May 5, 2017
Historic District Preservation, Landmark Preservation, State Land Use Law, Landmarks & Historical Districts    
Corporate municipal authorities are afforded broad authority to identify and create subsidiary boards, as needed, to preserve scenic and historic resources, including natural and manmade buildings, landmarks, and landscapes. Municipal authorities are charged to prevent the “disappearance [of] areas, places, buildings, structures, works of art and other objects having special historical, community, or aesthetic interest or value.” Municipal authorities may establish economic incentives and other agreements to encourage the acquisition, donation.. Read More
Town of Brookhaven Historic Preservation District
Date Added: Friday, April 28, 2017
Comprehensive Planning, Historic District Preservation, Local Boards    
New York
This law empowers the Town Planning Board to create a Historic Preservation District in the Town of Brookhaven. The law also includes provisions for: creating the Historic District Advisory Committee, the possible exclusion of religious institutions from the district, the maintenance and taxation requirements for structures within the district, and the penalties for disobeying the requirements of the law for persons owning buildings within the district. .. Read More