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State of North Carolina Watershed Improvement Programs Ordinance
Date Added: Sunday, May 7, 2017
State Land Use Law, Watershed Planning    
North Carolina
All counties are authorized to create watershed improvement programs and required to implement water-supply watershed protection programs (see Water-Supply Watershed Planning, below). Section 153A-440.1 gives counties the authority to establish and maintain a county watershed program pursuant to § 139-41 or § 139-41.1 in Article 3 of Chapter 139. Section 139-41 provides that if a majority of voters in a county approves the levying of a watershed improvement tax, the board of county commissioners will have all the powers of “soil and water conse.. Read More
North Carolina Watershed Planning Ordinance
Date Added: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Watershed Planning    
North Carolina
Section 143-214.5 requires local governments to adopt water-supply watershed management programs to improve or protect future or existing water supplies. The state Environmental Management Commission designates locations that qualify as watersheds and which thus must be protected under this section. § 143-214.5(d). A local government’s program must meet the minimum standards established by the state Environmental Management Commission. § 143-214.5(a). The Commission is directed to assist local governments in creating their programs in part by d.. Read More
City of Tulsa Watershed Development Regulations
Date Added: Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Watershed Planning    
Tulsa has the highest CRS rating in the country and is currently at 2. Although this high rating is only partially attributed to its ordinances, its ordinances reflect very high standards. The ordinances are based on watershed development and include stormwater consideration. “The area of special flood hazard, policies and standards” provision endorses the concept of No Adverse Impact, specifically denying any development that would increase flows, flood heights, velocities that might affect other property and, in addition providing for compens.. Read More
Guidance for Developing Watershed Implementation Plans in Illinois
Date Added: Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Watershed Planning, Watershed Protection    
This Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) “Guidance Document” is designed to provide tools for watershed planning groups and in turn, devise a comprehensive WIP for their watershed. The guide provides for what should be in a WIP, as well as a format that will help to improve consistency among WIPs developed throughout Illinois. The Guide addresses water quality through examination of its chemical, biological, and physical/habitat integrity... Read More