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Technical Guidance Manual for Sustainable Neighborhoods
Date Added: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Comprehensive Planning, Development Standards, Local Environmental Law, Subdivision Regulations, Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Zoning, Street & Sidewalk Development, Parking    
State: Not Applicable
U.S. Federal
The sections of this manual are designed to parallel a typical municipality’s land development plans, regulations, and related policies. It begins by presenting strategies to integrate LEED-ND criteria into local planning policies as expressed in comprehensive plans and special area plans. It then presents strategies for incorporating LEED-ND criteria into traditional zoning code sections, site plan and subdivision regulations, and other land use development standards, including building and related codes. Finally, it introduces strategies for .. Read More
New York State Town Law – Ordinances & Licenses
Date Added: Monday, May 8, 2017
Comprehensive Planning, Local Boards, Local Governance, Street & Sidewalk Development    
New York
Article 9, sections 130-139 of New York Consolidated laws describes the authority town ordinances might have over building construction, maintenance, and removal; plumbing regulations; dwellings; sidewalks, streets, and highways; fire prevention; encroaching walls; pets and wildlife and other areas. The article also describes the procedures of effecting an ordinance, the issuing of licenses, and the role of the building inspector... Read More
State of New York Official Map Changes Ordinance
Date Added: Monday, May 8, 2017
Development Standards, Official Map, Site Plan Approval, Zoning, Street & Sidewalk Development    
New York
This law authorizes city legislatures to change or add to the official map of the city in order to lay out new streets, highways parks and even drainage systems. Changes are made subject to adequate notice to those persons noted on last real property tax notice which is to be included in such proposed layout, and are subject to report by planning board who may forfeit right to suspend further action if no response is rendered within thirty days of such reference. Adopted changes become part of city’s official map and are deemed final... Read More
New York State Municipal Home Rule Law – General Powers of Local Governments to Adopt & Amend Local Laws; Restrictions
Date Added: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Land Acquisition, Local Boards, Local Governance, Transportation & Land Use Planning, Street & Sidewalk Development    
New York
Municipal Home Rule Law Chapter 36-A Article 2 Section 10 articulates the powers of local county, city, town, or village governments to include: acquisition and care of highways, roads, streets, avenues, and property; acquisition of transit facilities; collection, fixing, and administration of local government rentals, charges, rates or fees; and regulation or licensing of businesses and occupations. Section 11 outlines the restriction of powers of local county, city, town, or village governments to adopt local laws, including: the regulation o.. Read More