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City of Aberdeen Zoning Regulations; Solar Zoning
Date Added: Thursday, September 7, 2017
Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, Zoning    
South Dakota
The purpose of this chapter is to encourage alternative energy systems within the City of Aberdeen. The goal is to have a more positive impact on energy conservation while having a limited adverse impact on the City’s community. Chapter 163 defines terms associated with wind and solar energy systems and outlines their placement and design standards within City borders. However, in order for a solar energy system to be permitted as an accessory in any zoning district, a person must first apply for a building permit. This can cause a barrier to s.. Read More
Worcester County, Maryland Alternative Energy Facilities Regulation
Date Added: Thursday, June 30, 2016
Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, Zoning    
In its alternative energy facilities regulation, Worcester County defines solar energy systems, in part, based on energy capacity. It defines large solar energy systems as those with a rated capacity of two hundred kilowatts or greater. Medium solar energy systems are ground-mounted systems with a rated capacity greater than five kilowatts but less than two hundred kilowatts or roof-mounted systems of any capacity in excess of five kilowatts. Finally, small solar energy systems have a rated capacity of five kilowatts or less. .. Read More