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Land Use Law Center Streamlined Review & Approval Process
Date Added: Saturday, April 22, 2017
New York
For cities and villages to encourage needed development and the tax base benefits it brings, they must be certain that the process of receiving, reviewing, and acting on applications for land use approvals is efficient, saving applicants the time and cost of undue delays. Streamlining ensures that this process is as clear and understandable as possible, from the moment an applicant enters city or village hall until a Certificate of Occupancy for a project is secured. This document is designed to assist municipalities in assessing the purpose o.. Read More
Land Use Law Center Strategies for Scattered Site & Infill Development Checklist
Date Added: Friday, April 21, 2017
Land Use Planning, Urban Renewal, Vacant & Distressed Properties, Streamlining    
New York
The Land Use Law Center created this checklist to assist municipalities in planning for infill and scattered site development. The checklist contains guidance from the beginning steps, such as identifying properties with redevelopment potential to engaging the community. The document also contains a checklist to present tools to help municipalities create and implement streamlined project review protocols to encourage economic development while still protecting the environment. *This document was prepared with funds provided by the New Y.. Read More