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County of Frederick Forest Banking Program
Date Added: Sunday, May 7, 2017
Forest Management, Tree Preservation & Protection    
The County of Frederick Forest Banking program allows a person to create new forest areas or designate certain existing forest areas to be held in reserve, in order to be used to meet future forestation requirements imposed on regulated activities by this Ordinance... Read More
State of Massachusetts Forest Cutting Practices & Timber Harvesting Ordinance
Date Added: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Forest Management, Timber Harvesting, Natural Resource Protection & Conservation    
The regulation of forest cutting practices appears to rest solely with the state of Massachusetts. Regulations and licensing are found under Chapter one hundred and thirty-two of the General Laws of Massachusetts. MASS. GEN. Laws. ch. 132 (2004). The state declares its intention to protect forest lands in section forty of this chapter. Other helpful statutes defining terms and objectives are included below... Read More
Town of Laytonsville Forest Conservation & Reforestation Ordinance
Date Added: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Forest Management, Tree Preservation & Protection, Timber Harvesting, Wildlife & Fish Habitat, Natural Resource Protection & Conservation    
The Forest Conservation and Reforestation Ordinance establishes a forest conservation and reforestation program for the Town of Laytonsville in compliance with the standards prescribed by the Maryland General Assembly. The Act regulates timber harvesting as well as other activities that may result in the cutting, clearing, or grading of forest and defines terms related to and including “afforestation”, “forest”, and “reforestation”. Finally, the ordinance prescribes penalties for noncompliance... Read More