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Village of Cross Plains Hill Development Ordinance
Date Added: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Buffer Zones, Open Space Preservation, Ridgeline Protection, Scenic Resources    
The Village of Cross Plains established the following general regulations to protect the bluffs surrounding the village from development. They prohibit use or disturbance of hillsides and hilltop edges and require hilltop development to limit any land, vegetation, or scenic disturbance... Read More
State of North Carolina Watercourse Protection Ordinance
Date Added: Sunday, May 7, 2017
Buffer Zones, State Land Use Law, Wetlands & Watercourse Protection    
North Carolina
Watercourse protection in North Carolina falls primarily to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), although local governments may apply for a limited role. DENR is responsible for promulgating rules for riparian buffer protection to safeguard watercourses. Under § 143-214.23, a local government may request that DENR delegate responsibility for implementing any riparian buffer protection programs the Department may implement. Additionally, DENR administers the Natural and Scenic Rivers Act of 1971, located .. Read More
Town of Lewisboro Wetlands & Watercourses Ordinance
Date Added: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Buffer Zones, Wetlands & Watercourse Protection    
New York
The legislature’s intent in creating Chapter 217 of the Town Code is to assure that activities conducted in and around wetlands, watercourses and associated buffer areas be done so in conformance with the provisions of this chapter and in a manner which promotes the preservation of wetlands, watercourses and associated buffer areas as specified in the findings of fact seen at the beginning of the Chapter. .. Read More
Town of Huntersville Surface Water Improvement & Management – Stream Buffers Ordinance
Date Added: Friday, May 5, 2017
Buffer Zones, Floodwater Management, Zoning, Wetlands & Watercourse Protection    
North Carolina
This ordinance amends the current zoning regulations to create a “stream buffer network” that will filter pollutants, store floodwater, provide habitat, and contribute to the “green infrastructure.” The buffer is divided into three sections, streamside zone, managed use zone, and upland zone. Each zone has varying level of restrictions, the streamside zone being the most restrictive and the upland zone being the least restrictive. .. Read More
Township of Howell Riparian Buffers – Standards of Performance Ordinance
Date Added: Friday, May 5, 2017
Buffer Zones, Development Standards, Environmental Compliance, Wildlife & Fish Habitat, Natural Resource Protection & Conservation, Wetlands & Watercourse Protection    
New Jersey
This ordinance sets forth the practices and procedures to be followed by developers and others in order to maintain the integrity of riparian habitat. This law creates a buffer zone in which private activity, such as tree cutting, disturbing soil, use of fertilizer, and use of pesticides are severely regulated. The town board holds discretion in allowing a buffer zone to be disturbed. If a buffer zone is disturbed, the developer is required to rehabilitate the buffer zone in accordance with the accepted practices set forth in this law. .. Read More
Town of Barnstable Wetlands Buffer Zone Regulation; Conservation Commission Regulatory Summary
Date Added: Friday, April 14, 2017
Buffer Zones, Coastal Protection, Development Standards, Sea Level Rise Adaptation    
The Town of Barnstable’s Wetlands Buffer Zone Regulation Summary acknowledges that accelerated sea level rise will result in increased coastal erosion processes and impact land erosion, storm drainage, flooding and wetland loss. To address these impacts, the Town of Barnstable requires fifty-foot buffer zones for any land subject to flooding, inundation by groundwater, surface water, tidal action, or coastal storm flowage. In the Conservation Commission’s Regulation Summary, revised in 2006, the Commission established additional performanc.. Read More
State of New Jersey Riparian Buffer Conservation Zone Model Ordinance
Date Added: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Buffer Zones, Local Environmental Law, Water Resource Protection    
New Jersey
This model ordinance provides a template for New Jersey municipalities wishing to implement a riparian buffer conservation zone to protect water resources and control flooding. The riparian buffer conservation zones are divided into three categories based on the natural characteristics of the water course, and each offering varying levels of protection. An overlay to the existing zoning districts is created; the provisions apply to any activity requiring a building permit, zoning variance, special exception, conditional use, or subdivision/la.. Read More