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City of Jamestown High Groundwater Table Ordinance
Date Added: Friday, May 5, 2017
Aquifer Protection, Overlay District, Water Conservation, Drinking Water Protection & Conservation    
Rhode Island
The City of Jamestown designated a High Ground Water Table and Impervious Layer Overlay District in which, in order to preserve the town’s fresh water supply, the area has been deemed unsuitable for unrestricted development. The District is divided into two sub-districts: sub-district A has a higher groundwater table, and thus heightened restrictions on development, and sub-district B, a lower groundwater table, and less restrictive development requirements. The ordinance lays out the restrictions on development within each zone, as well as th.. Read More
Town of Coventry Zoning Regulations; Solar Zoning
Date Added: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Solar Energy, Zoning    
Rhode Island
Despite its lengthy Zoning Code, Coventry, Rhode Island does not incorporate a section specifically detailing the requirements and regulations for solar energy systems. However, within its Transportation, Communications, and Utilities table (schedule) of uses under its Industry Section, solar power generators are permitted in mostly all of the zoning districts, with the exception of two types of residential districts, one business district, the Planned Development District, and the Special Planning Overlay District. The Zoning Code does not def.. Read More
Providence's Anti-Displacement and Comprehensive Housing Strategy
Date Added: Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Affordable Housing , Land Use Planning, Equity, Displacement    
Rhode Island
Providence, Rhode Island’s Anti-Displacement and Comprehensive Housing Strategy creates a plan to increase the amount of affordable housing in the city and reduce the risk of displacement. This strategy also connected housing insecurity and displacement with COVID-19 and racial inequality. This strategy also includes land use strategies that can be used to create more affordable housing, preserve the current affordable housing stock, and keep people in their communities... Read More